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[Il-Futuro] Celeste Beaumont by koto-chii [Il-Futuro] Celeste Beaumont by koto-chii

[EDIT 01/03/13] Added her ID, put more stuff in misc (because I'm too lazy to add more to her personality), and added relationships ye (only added those i've had private RPs with tho gomen
[EDIT 12/09/13] Added more stuff to her miscellaneous info-- because reasons e n e
Finally submitting this-- slow mod is slow OTL;;
If you guys haven't checked the group out, go ahead and give it a visit ; v ; / Please and thank yoouu <3

Warning tho-- very long wall of text teehee

★[Identification Card] 
[Il-Futuro] Celeste Identification Card by koto-chii
★[Identification Number] #C9413B

★[Name] Celeste Beaumont
★[Nickname] None but used to be known as Chéri
★[Age] 23
★Date of Birth] November 17
★[Sex] Female

★[Hair Colour] Dyed deep violet almost black (naturally strawberry blonde)
★[Eye Colour] Robin's Egg Blue (close to teal)
★[Height] 5'5" (5'9" with heels)
★[Weight] 129 lbs.
★[Nationality] French-American (not 100% sure about the American)

★[Arcana] Major Arcana
★[Card] (II) High Priestess

    Contact Telepathy - Celeste is able to read and control minds so as long as she touches the target. She is also able to read through people's memories, but memory reading and mind control are more difficult for her to achieve. Her ability becomes stronger the less concious or less guarded the target is. Celeste acts as the Mafia's intel source as she is able to uncover secrets and personal information from other people. Often sleeps with people to lower their guards and collect more info.

★[Ability Limitation]
    Her ability solely depends on the other person's guard. If the target is distracted, she is able to read more into the persons concious and sub-concious mind. This is the reason why she often seduces and sleeps with the target; to ensure that they are thoroughly distracted. Of course she uses other methods as well, it is most important that she is in constant contact though. Her ability gets cut when she is no longer in contact with the target. Her mind control however, is never 100% effective.

★[Weapon of Choice] Compact SR9c Pistol (kept in a thigh gun holster)

★[Reason for Joining] Easy source of money. Celeste loves money, and would pretty much do anything to get loads of it without having to work too hard.
Although she does enjoy the excitement being in the mafia brings.

★[Occupation] Escort

★[Likes] MONEY, expensive and luxurious things, soothing/sexy jazz music, men that buy her expensive things, her hair, kids, alcohol (lots of it), books
★[Dislikes] Working, being stressed out, too much noise, untidy places, her natural hair color, cigarette smoke, her parents, adults that act like kids, men's

    Being a former prostitute, and currently an escort, Celeste has absolutely no problems sleeping and having sex with people (no matter the gender). She sees it as an easy access to big money and would do anything to keep getting more of it. Growing up having very little, she likes to bask in luxurious items in luxurious places; if the sex brings her money and all that then why stop? That being said, she feels indifferent about sex and has a “let’s get this over with” attitude about it, though  she would have it if she has nothing else better to do.  
    Celeste is tough and isn’t the type of person that would put up with any kind of crap. She enjoys peace and organization and would be very pissed if anything or anyone disrupts that. She likes to keep everything in order and is actually very responsible. Often times, she would be at the mafia headquarters tidying up or helping out with the glass shop; Celeste also likes to keep herself busy. She knows what she wants and when she wants it, and more importantly how to get it.
    Despite all that, Celeste is actually very motherly and would worry about the people she cares for. Although her method of showing it may not be all that warm, all she ever thinks about is their wellbeing. She has a soft-spot for children, and dreams of having her own (although she often thinks it’s best if she doesn’t). Although she has sex with practically everyone and has already killed a few people, inside is still a young woman that likes to be treated well and be respected. She actually likes to read books when she can, and receive simple gifts as well. Though this side, she rarely shows and keeps secret.

    “It’s rare that I share my past to anyone so listen up and keep it a secret. Lucky for you, I’m feeling oddly generous but you better keep your mouth shut if you want to keep whatever’s in your pants intact. Now let’s see…
    I was born in France and lived in France for most of my life. My mother was, I’m not very certain if she still is a prostitute. She started very early since she came from a poor family and didn’t have much of a choice. Apparently, I didn’t have much of a choice either. She was only 19 when I was born. My father might’ve been an old man, for all I care. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never met him. Mom wasn’t exactly sure who he was either. According to her, my father is either a rich German lawyer, or a rich American business man, though she seemed more sure it was the latter. Mom raised me by herself and often brought me to work where I was nursed by her co-workers until I grew old enough to help out with the business. I learned how to pickpocket off of mom’s clients, especially when some of them were too cheap to pay her enough for her services.
    My mother wasn’t a bad mom, although I couldn’t give her the “Best Mom” award either. She sent me to public school with the money she earned and I was able to live a pretty normal life, though I didn’t like to interact with other kids.  I had all that until I turned 13 and my mom decided to elope with one of her clients. Couldn’t quite remember where he was from. He had an odd accent and had a big built. I’d call him fat if his arm muscles weren’t bigger than my head then. Mom apparently experienced “love at first sight” or whatever and decided it was okay to leave her 13 year old daughter behind because she can “fend for herself”.  Some mom she was.
    I continued mom’s business when I was 16, when the money she left me ran short. To be completely honest, the first few times felt like hell and I couldn’t understand how my mother could endure pleasuring men like this especially when their breaths reeked of alcohol and their fingers looked like fat little sausages while they seemed to be decades older than I was. It was a little more bearable when they were younger. Consider me lucky if I had to deal with someone attractive. But the money paid for my schooling and my necessities so I kept it up. All until I graduated high school. Since I couldn’t afford college, I stopped studying and kept working. Sometimes I worked more than one job and waitressed during the day.
    I couldn’t quite remember when it was I discovered my ability but I recall being able to know exactly what my client wanted from me without him telling me. It took me a while before I realized that I’ve been reading their minds. I knew this since I got to hear more than I wanted to and it was certainly not delightful. A lot of them complained about their own wives, and it’s not like I needed to know anything about that. Although I was only able to do so when I was touching them or when they were touching me. It proved to be plenty useful when I would do whatever they wanted me to without telling me, and it’d get me paid more than what I charge.
    5 years passed and I was able to live comfortably with the money I was earning. I had a very regular client whom bought me expensive things and paid more than enough. He was French, like me, and a very rich, very well-known banker. He owned quite a lot of businesses, which I was grateful for seeing as it was where I was getting all the money from. His wife, however, was a jealous bitch and had suspected him with cheating. Of course he was, when he so often slept with me but that was his problem, not mine. It was my job. His just-as-rich wife hired a couple of hit men to spy on her husband and kill off the bitch that slept with him. Of course I was the bitch he slept with and I was caught quite easily since that banker didn't know how to hide his secrets too well. One of my older co-workers, which so happened to be one of the people that helped raise me, had recently given me a handy little gun telling me I best be careful since “such beauty can also be a curse”.  It took me a lot of shots to fire before I managed to kill 2 out of 5.
    It became more dangerous for me to stay, since rumors spread around quickly and even the press was able to nab a bit of info about me. It’s good that I never revealed my name to anyone; the one person who knew my name was my mom. Everyone else called me Chéri. I gathered all the money I’ve ever earned and moved to Italy where I had my hair dyed a deep violet. I never liked my blonde hair anyway. My mom was brunette. I started using my real name and worked as an entertainer at one of their clubs. I sang alongside bands and pianists and I danced a bit here and there but it never really earned me as much money as I used to. It was good that I was fluent in English since it took me forever to learn Italian.
    One of those nights while I ended my shift, was the night I bumped into Elias. He was attractive, charming, sly, and obviously wanted it. I humored him since hey, I rarely get to sleep with attractive people anyway, might as well. We fooled around, and he was actually very good, though while we were having our escapade and I decided to use my ability on him, I was able to get hints of something very secretive. What it was, I didn’t know but it sounded exciting, and had something to do with large amounts of cash. When we finally finished, I took the chance to talk to him, though at first he thought I was about to ask for his number. I was very subtle with my questions, just barely hinting that I may know something about him. He apparently doesn’t take blackmail too lightly and so I had to admit to the mind reading. At first he didn’t admit anything, though I assured him that I was plenty helpful as long as he hires me, that and he could have free sex whenever he wanted. It had something to do with big money, how could I resist? It took a lot of convincing and negotiating but eventually I became part of Il Futuro.”

*tldr; She's an illegitimate child of a hooker and some foreigner (most likely american), whose dad she never met and whose mom eloped with some other guy thus leaving
her to also work as a hooker until some rich guy got her in trouble because his wife was too nosy. She killed a couple of men and now she had to move to italy where
she met and slept with Elias before she was able to be part of the mafia.

★[Quote] "What's in it for me?"

*Uses her gun during big missions. Keeps a small knife in her purse when she's out collecting information.
*Has a slight french accent
*Knows how to speak French, English, and Italian (though her Italian isn't as fluent, only learning the language for 2 years)
*She was taught how to speak english by her co-workers since it helps when communicating with clients.
*Is actually very smart and would've continued schooling up 'till college or even Masters if she had the money
*Isn't a very sharp shooter, but she'll land the shot eventually
*Was only able to read more into the sub-concious mind, read memories and control minds only after her card had chosen her.
*Really hates her natural hair color and would have her roots dyed as soon as they grew long enough to see
*Easily bribed with money
*Began working as an escort after getting into the mafia
*She likes to drink and drinks a lot. That being said she is able to hold her drinks well and doesn't usually get drunk
*Wears the Mafia crest on a gold anklet on her left ankle.
*Fakes most of her orgasms. (it takes a real man to get her to climax honhonhon)
*Has never had a boyfriend, believes she never will.
*Keeps the headquarters tidy. Mess it up and you're dead.
*Has a handful of wigs to use for when she's being used as a decoy. Also has several different lipsticks that help her on her missions.
*She actually looks younger than her age and only often dresses maturely and puts on make up that makes her look a bit older. How she dresses depends on her clients.
*Would seriously do anything to keep Elias' name from getting tainted.
*Doesn't like getting bored, so she'll probably sleep with every single one of the Mafia members just because.
*Singing Voice (she sings a lot of jazz because its sexy. Her speaking voice is a little lower.)
*Considered as the Mafia's seductress as well as their babysitter
*Has a bit of an ego. She knows how beautiful she is and wouldn't let anyone think she isn't. 
*Competitive. If she says she's the only one allowed to look good in a certain outfit, then she WILL be the only one looking good in that outfit.
*Likes attention, and likes to show off.
*Also has a soft spot for tiny fluffy animals
*The first and only man that was able to get her to reach orgasm is Elias
*Her favorite cocktail drink is a dry martini; this being a drink she shares with the Don often.
*Is often out scouting for more people to drag into the mafia. The more dogs the Don has, the less she has to work.
*Would hate anyone that isn't attracted to her, makes her feel less attractive, hinder other people from being attracted to her, or/and doesn't know who she is 
*Because in her arrogant little world, everyone knows, wants, and loves Celeste Beaumont yep yep
*Moving in with Dante Primo Narducci
*But slowly as she is still waiting for her apartment's contract to end
*knows all the members by name because of the lists they keep and the background checks she runs

    [Elias Murano] - She met him, slept with him, and is now part of the mafia with him as his adviser. She serves as the mafia's source of information as well as a  good decoy during heists. She is also able to fish out more money than what was originally intended. Needless to say, Celeste has proven herself useful to him. She  considers him a valuable ally, and is grateful to him for letting her into the organization. Although he constantly gives her trouble with the mischief he makes along  with his best friend, Jace, making her seem more like the Mafia's babysitter, she genuinely cares and worries for him. She also thinks its prime time he gets off his  lazy ass and use his ability to help out every once in a while, instead of just constantly throwing parties and events as a distraction.
    [Jace Lindel] - Has not slept with him yet, and has too much pride to do so, expecting him to want her rather than her wanting him. She expects a lot from him being the eldest among the three boses, expecting more work from him than she does from their dear Don. Celeste finds him arrogant, (not saying she doesn't think the same about Elias) and is easily peeved by him, but inside, she holds a bit of respect for him, knowing that he is capable of a lot. She hopes he would be a better example for Elias but doesn't quite see that happening any time soon.
    [Marco de Lucchi] - Dislikes him for being too stiff and for not being attracted to her. She has already attempted to flirt with him but it remained unsuccessful. Celeste however holds a bit of respect for him since he knows what it is like to have a lot of work to do even after coming back home from work.
    [Ellis Garrott] - Tried flirting with him and due to intense anxiousness, he hyperventilated and was so close to passing out. Celeste is now wary of him and makes sure to avoid touching him, warning everyone he meets to make sure to have a paper bag around in case he hyperventilates again.
    [Dante Narducci] - Learned about his secret rich boy life by accident and is now slowly moving in with him since he had invited her to when she visited his estate. She has already slept with him and views him as her most favorite out of all the members of the Mafia. He flirts back when she does and continues to spoil her with compliments and luxuries, which is what Celeste loves most about him. Even after sharing a bit of his dark past, he remained upbeat and cheerful and didn't dwell too long at the topic; another thing that earned Celeste's favor and respect. Aside from being almost-house mates, they have a mutual agreement on being sex buddies. (Has also had a thing between him AND Elias)
    [Apoca Cheilia] - Is one of her favorites in the mafia due to her constant generosity. Celeste however, is quite fond of her and enjoys her company and was serious when she saved the lipstick Apoca gave her for special occasions. Though she finds her lack of knowledge about sex and inability to understand figures of speech dumbfounding, she remains patient with the lady and explains things to her anyway.
    [Luce Weissman] - Is STILL trying to get into his pants. She does feel sorry for the man after hearing him constantly belittle himself. She acts kindly and patiently towards him, not wanting him to look at himself lower than he already does. Celeste does hope that his devotion, (and possibly obsession) with Elias doesn't hinder her from being able to sleep with him.
    [Vani Moretti] - Finds him utterly attractive and is trying really hard to get into his pants and is STILL trying. She respects his dislike for personal contact and doesn't get her hands on him as much as she does with other people, no matter how much she wants to. When given the opportunity, however, she makes sure to take full advantage of it. Her flirtatious ways with him have turned more playful than seductive. Celeste tries to make him less stiff with the use of alcohol and lively conversations and thinks he needs to lighten up especially since he is now out of the mental hospital. He is easily swayed when she asks him to buy her things but she thinks of it as his gratitude for getting him out of the asylum.
    [Eros Antonacci] - Ah, Eros. Aside from being completely attracted to him and being one out of the two people that can pleasure her the most in bed (the other one being Elias), she actually feels for him on  a very emotional level. She doesn't mind when he starts to talk about sensitive topics and just listens to him when he does. Being someone that doesn't like talking about touchy stuff however, hinders her from being able to give him proper advice or comfort and it actually makes her want to learn how to sympathize with him better. Especially since they view and feel the same about a lot of things. Celeste loves how he showers her in compliments and makes her feel a lot more beautiful than she already knows she is, and adores how they can continuously just flirt with each other. What she doesn't appreciate though, is how he constantly fawns over Giovanni Trovato, and how his mere presence can kill whatever mood they've already built up.
    [Ilian Adler] - Is increasingly growing impatient by how his isn't attracted to her and how long it is taking for her to get him into bed. His ability freaks her out a little and Celeste is currently trying to get used to it. His drunk self amuses her a little but the fact that he is STILL not attracted to her makes it hard for her to have fun.
    [Henry "Havoc" Venters] - Has mixed feelings about him. She appreciates how sweet and respectful Henry can be but loves how Havoc is attracted to her and responds to her flirting. Though Celeste is becoming more impatient with how gentle his with her especially when she enjoys a rough wrestle in bed more.

    [Francois Nouveau] - Seems a little too stiff for Celeste. She is currently trying to flirt with her and is ready to dislike her for when she rejects her. As of the moment, it seems as if she isn't reacting positively to Celeste's actions.

    [Praskovia Fabbri] - Like her because she makes Celeste feel powerful and of higher authority than where she actually is. Celeste has yet to talk to her more.

Celeste Beaumont & Art (c) me :*koto-chii

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